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Faculty-Directed Study Abroad Program Development

Please note: All academic credit bearing study abroad programs must be administered by the Center for International Education and follow established university policy governing academic programs abroad.

London Engineering 2015

We are pleased that you are considering leading a study abroad program. Study abroad is an integral part of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville student experience and the majority of students who study abroad during their time at UT do so on faculty-directed programs. Leading a study abroad program can be challenging, but the faculty who have chosen to do so have found it to be both professionally and personally rewarding. Some of the benefits of leading a study abroad include:
  • Serves the University of Tennessee's mission to graduate globally engaged citizens
  • Opportunity to interact with students in a more engaged and meaningful way than occurs on campus in large lecture classes
  • Provides opportunity to expand your teaching profile
  • Affords the opportunity to dovetail your own international research agenda with the delivery of a course abroad
Faculty leading study abroad programs are also compensated for their efforts.  The level and type of compensation differs depending on program type and appointment level, but may include:
  • Instructional salary
  • International airfare
  • Foreign housing costs
  • Foreign ground transportation costs
  • Per diem for meals
The Center for International Education encourages the development of new programs and provides support to program leaders throughout the process of proposing, developing and implementing these programs. Below we have included several resources for both current and prospective program leaders.

Feel free to contact the CIE at 865-974-3177 or Noah Rost if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines for New Programs

Fall Semester: November 1 of previous academic year
Spring Semester: April 1 of previous academic year
Spring Break: August 1
Mini-Term and Summer September 1

NB: applications received after this date will be at a disadvantage for student recruitment and will be evaluated for viability on a case by case basis.

Steps for New Programs or New Leaders: If you are proposing a new program or have never led a UT study abroad program before, please contact Noah Rost (865-974-3177 or to schedule a time to meet prior to completing the electronic Program Registration (recommended internet browser: Firefox).

Application Deadlines for Program Renewals

Fall Semester: November 15 of previous academic year
Spring Semester: April 15 of previous academic year
Spring Break: August 15
Mini-Term and Summer September 15

Steps for Returning Program Leaders: If you plan to lead a program which you have led within the last 3 years, please complete this electronic Program Renewal Registration (recommended internet browser: Firefox). Feel free to contact Noah Rost if you have any questions.

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