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Arrival Day

Although parents and family members are often, understandably, concerned when they do not hear from their student immediately upon arrival, in most cases this is not uncommon. Depending on your student’s destination, additional transportation (i.e. bus or train) may be required once his/her international flight has arrived. Students may not have phone or internet access in the airport, and such services may take a day or two to set up upon arrival in the host city depending on the time of arrival and the availability of access. Before your student departs, discuss how and when your student plans to contact you once he or she has arrived so that you will know what to expect regarding arrival communication. If applicable, make sure to get the contact information for the person or people your student is supposed to meet upon arrival in case of any travel delays or other concerns.

Make a Plan

Depending on where your student is studying abroad, he or she may have access to a variety of communication options. In many countries, students may easily purchase international calling cards or international phones. In some cases, it is possible to pre-order such phones prior to departure or to add an international plan to your existing mobile phone plan. If your student has internet access in his or her accommodations or the host institution buildings, email, blogging, or an online calling service like Skype may be a more efficient means of staying in touch. Developing a communication plan with your student prior to his or her departure may be helpful.

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