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Money Matters

Yes, money does matter. Too often, however, students dismiss the idea of studying abroad because they assume that they cannot afford it. The PAO offers study abroad programs for all budgets. In fact, depending upon the program you choose, there are some bargains out there! Many students also do not realize that their existing financial aid and most of their scholarship money can be applied to approved study abroad programs. There are also additional study abroad scholarships for which students can apply.

Download these interactive budgeting tools to help you compare costs for study abroad program during the Semester Budget  and Summer and Mini-Term Budget  with the estimated costs for studying in Knoxville.  You will soon see that studying abroad is not as expensive as you think!

In-State Students

There are several affordable options for Tennessee residents to study abroad. The least expensive programs are most often exchanges, although because they require a significant amount of independence, they are not the best fit for every student. There are also many affordable direct and third party programs that are not considerbaly more expensive than UT Knoxville, tuition, room and board and that offer more benefits. See program types in the getting started section for a brief description of the different types of programs.

Out-of-State Students

Out -of-state students should consider direct or UT Affiliate study abroad programs instead of exchanges. These programs are frequently less than the cost of attending UT Knoxville.

Summer or Mini-Term Programs

While the PAO strongly encourages students to study abroad for a semester or academic year, we recognize that some students will prefer to study abroad on programs with shorter durations.  With that in mind, the PAO offers many shorter programs offered during mini-term or summer. Many of these programs are quite affordable, but please note that often scholarships and other financial aid do not apply to programs less than a semester in length. This frequently makes summer programs more expensive in terms of your "out-of-pocket" expenses than semester programs.  Shorter does not always mean cheaper!

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